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About Us

Our goal is to share our passion

Because classical music is our passion;
Because classical music should be accessible to everyone;
Because artists need support to keep classical music alive and inspiring;

We have built a service producing and broadcasting on our platform live concerts each year and programs of opera and classical music, in collaboration with the greatest festivals, orchestras and concert halls in the world.

Our commitment to classical music helped us gather thousand of members from 182 countries who connect regularly to our website, smartphones, tablets and connected TV applications and thousand of fans who follow us on our social networks. All this make us one of the most important classical music video broadcaster in the world.

Enjoy the greatest catalogue of classical music,
Help us build our dream!

By subscribing to our www.musicalia.tv, you will enjoy unlimited access to:
  • a great audio-visual catalogue of operas and classical music
  • wonderful programs (concerts, archives, operas, ballets, documentaries, master-classes, educational films and artist profiles) available anytime on the internet, mobile, tablets and connected tvs
  • beautiful live operas, concerts and events
  • concerts broadcasted live each year
  • Surprises and gifts:
    Throughout the year, we offer to our premium members free concert tickets, trial music magazine subscriptions, cds, dvds, and many other exclusive gifts!